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Welcome To Justsussex

At Justsussex we have been providing web based information, news, reviews and business listings for over a decade, we are now one of the longest standing independent web portals operating in East and West Sussex. Our aim is to satisfy the information needs of our audience as fully as possible within the resources we have available. We are are self funding website, meaning that what we do must be be capable of generating a reasonable return on the investment of the creation and maintenance of the website.

At the time of writing we were in the process of reviewing our content and deciding on a structure for the website over the coming years. \if the first ten years of our activity have taught us anything it is to follow the prompts and feedback from our audience. Although the current review will shape the quality and quantity of our content we don't expect to create any sacred cows going forward.

We aspire to publish a range of relevant information across subject categories that we know our audience have an interest in, our most popular pages will remain, the pages that do not attract a sustainable audience will either be removed or parked pending further development. The mix of information that we expect to include is likely to encompass:

  • A Sussex Employment And Jobs Guide - We will continue to publish jobs and employment information based on local geographic areas as well as industrial sectors, we'll also run one off features and static information for particularly large employers.
  • Sussex Attractions - We will continue to compile an events diary and a Sussex attraction director, it will be very much as it always has a family focussed guide to places to things and see and do in east and West Sussex.
  • The Business Directory - We will be running business listings but because of the way the major search engines now view compiled lists we will be making some improvements to the quantity and quality of the information we cover.
  • Sussex Estate Agents - This will continue to be published but like the business directory its quantity and quality will be subject to the outcome of our review.
  • Sussex Community Pages - information about and for the local community based organisations.
  • Local News & Business News - We aim to keep running news all the time there is an audience for it.
  • Sport - The new sports coverage will reflect the needs and wants from our users.
  • Shopping - There will be a scaled down retail section, more details will emerge when the review has been complete.
  • Lifestyle - There are plans to add to our Sussex food features and Sussex local recipes.

If you have any views about the website or the kind of information we should be featuring it would be a great time to get in touch.

Contact & Disclaimer

We welcome your feedback and submissions for inclusion on the website. You can email us at info@justsussex.co.uk, This page is checked regularly but if you spot any error or broken link please let us know. Please see our disclaimer.

  • All about East and West Sussex.

    All about Sussex

    Sussex is one of the ancient counties of England, its name signifies 'South Saxons'. Historically Sussex was a Kingdom with its own monarch before being integrated into Wessex in 825. In the 1970s East and West Sussex were formed into seperate counties. The year 2000 saw Sussex gain a second city when Brighton was granted the same staus as Chichester. Sussex is dominated by its southern coast along which the bulk of the population live, the Downs and the Weald are also important geographic features.

  • East & West Sussex

    The coastal plain

    Sussex together with Hampshire enjoys the most sunshine of anywhere in the UK, rainfall is below the national average. The sunny coastal conurbations have attracted the majority of the county's population. 1 in 3 Sussex residents live in the Brighton/Worthing/Littlehampton corridor. East Sussex has a population of just over half a million, the County Council has its HQ in Lewes. West Sussex has 800,000 residents, the County Council is based in Chichester. 275,000 people live in Brighton and Hove.

  • contact Justsussex

    Contact and disclaimer

    As you may have gathered from the results of the Justsussex review, we have refocussed our content to best meet the needs of our users. We are particularly interested in your thoughts about the look and feel of the updated website. If you see something you like please let us know. We aim to keep our content both relevant and accurate, however if you spot an error or omission we'd welcome your feedback. Please see our disclaimer. We welcome submission of content for inclusion but we may not be able to publish everything we receive.