Sussex High Tides, Eastbourne, Newhaven, Brighton, Littlehampton, Shoreham

East and West Sussex have one of the best known and best loved coastlines in the UK. We link to Sussex high tide information and useful resource further down this page.

Tides are important for everyone living close to or having a regular contact with the sea; tourism, sailing and much more. Extreme high tides can present significant dangers and understanding and predicting the tides is very important. If you have siome suggestions for high tide information we can link to we'd like to hear from you follow this link if you want the latest Sussex weather news.

Our links to local tidal sources are below, this is not an exhaustive collection and we welcome submission of more information for inclusion. We're also happy to publish feedback and comments connected to the subject.

For the Newhaven high and low tide predictions together with predicted heights from the most important free (at the time of writing) The National Tidal and Sea Level Facility. You might find some useful information at Eastbourne Tide information from the Borough Council website.

High Tides in Brighton is a brilliant local resource which includes information about tides in general as as high tide data. High Tides Shoreham is provided by the port authority and last but not least we link to the BBC's own tide resource at BBC Tides Tables

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Sussex High Tides - Feedback And Disclaimer

Do you have information about high tides and coastal flooding in East or West Sussex? You can email us at, Please note that all links are published in good faith but we are not for responsible for the content of external websites. Please see our disclaimer.


  • All about East and West Sussex.

    All about Sussex

    Sussex is one of the ancient counties of England, its name signifies 'South Saxons'. Historically Sussex was a Kingdom with its own monarch before being integrated into Wessex in 825. In the 1970s East and West Sussex were formed into seperate counties. The year 2000 saw Sussex gain a second city when Brighton was granted the same staus as Chichester. Sussex is dominated by its southern coast along which the bulk of the population live, the Downs and the Weald are also important geographic features.

  • East & West Sussex

    The coastal plain

    Sussex together with Hampshire enjoys the most sunshine of anywhere in the UK, rainfall is below the national average. The sunny coastal conurbations have attracted the majority of the county's population. 1 in 3 Sussex residents live in the Brighton/Worthing/Littlehampton corridor. East Sussex has a population of just over half a million, the County Council has its HQ in Lewes. West Sussex has 800,000 residents, the County Council is based in Chichester. 275,000 people live in Brighton and Hove.

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