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The M23 motorway runs from south of Hooley in Surrey and finishes in Crawley, Sussex, it's length is 17 miles, but this is only a small part of the story. The M23 is in fact just a modernised part of the iconic London to Brighton road, the A23, forever immortalised as the route of the London to Brighton race.

From a congestion point of view the M23 generally offers pretty good driving conditions, the main problem is at rush hour northbound,where the M23 becomes the A23 at the junction with the M25. The A23 is a very different proposition particulary inside the M25 Other local Justsussex traffic resources include: Sussex road news, M25 Sussex news, flights and Gatwick Airport news, rail information and Sussex weather news.

The A23 effectively runs from Waterloo Bridge to Brighton, the congestion blackspots are many and varied between Central London and Croydon. Then out towards the M23 and usually better driving conditions, past Horley, Gatwick Airport and Crawley before it returns to its A road status. Down past Bolney crossing the A272, past Burgess Hill and Hassocks then on into Brighton. When you hit the beach the A23 is finished!

These are the resources that we have found to be the most useful, particularly when there are M23 Traffic problems and delays (the traffic to these websites rises sharply at such times.

West Sussex Council

BBC Travel News

Highways Agency information

Traffic England

Travel Helplines - Ceefax - Teletext

  • RAC Information 09064 701 740
  • AA Roadwatch 09003 401 100
  • Highways Agency 08457 50 40 30
  • BBC Ceefax Travel Page 431and 437

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  • All about East and West Sussex.

    All about Sussex

    Sussex is one of the ancient counties of England, its name signifies 'South Saxons'. Historically Sussex was a Kingdom with its own monarch before being integrated into Wessex in 825. In the 1970s East and West Sussex were formed into seperate counties. The year 2000 saw Sussex gain a second city when Brighton was granted the same staus as Chichester. Sussex is dominated by its southern coast along which the bulk of the population live, the Downs and the Weald are also important geographic features.

  • East & West Sussex

    The coastal plain

    Sussex together with Hampshire enjoys the most sunshine of anywhere in the UK, rainfall is below the national average. The sunny coastal conurbations have attracted the majority of the county's population. 1 in 3 Sussex residents live in the Brighton/Worthing/Littlehampton corridor. East Sussex has a population of just over half a million, the County Council has its HQ in Lewes. West Sussex has 800,000 residents, the County Council is based in Chichester. 275,000 people live in Brighton and Hove.

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